Run Injury Free!

RunInjuryFree! was created to help you understand your body better, the demands of running and how to avoid the most common running-related injuries. Through barefoot science, fascial fitness and neuromuscular conditioning, Dr Emily Splichal, Founder of Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA Global) and creator of Naboso Technology, has created a program that will show you how to survive the unnatural conditions of today’s shod society and optimise your movement patterns. Using barefoot activation exercises, and incorporating Naboso Technology and the Personal Power Plate, RunInjuryFree! is your go-to programme to ensure years of efficient movement – one step at a time.


Power Plate's harmonic vibration stimulates the small nerve proprioceptors on the ball of the foot, creating an authentic environment to train the body proprioceptively, improving movement efficiency. The unique tri-planar vibrations Power Plate generates mimic a natural, dynamic environment, tapping into the body's natural reflexive response to vibrations. The baseline of what we focus on in this program is the foot-to-ground relationship and it's translation to functional movement, movement efficiency, and the body's ability to anticipate load impact forces, which are naturally perceived as vibrations. The repetition promotes muscle memory, tapping into reflexive stabilization and subconscious neuromuscular co-ordination.


Naboso Technology is a small nerve proprioceptive mat which is designed to stimulate the nerves in the feet and hands. Based on surface science and texture research, the texture on the Naboso Mat matches that of the proprioceptive distribution and sensitivity of the feet. Since the feet are the only contact point between the body and the ground, optimizing the sensitivity of the feet and foot proprioceptors is key to reducing running-related injuries. Throughout the Run Injury Free! Program some of the exercises will be done with the Naboso Mat on the Power Plate machine and others on the Naboso Mat alone.

I often tell my students "Kids run to get fit. Adult get fit to run." I feel that this is something many of us miss out easily. We are not born with tightness in our bodies, hence as young kids, we are very flexible and elastic. As adults, when we neglect conditioning our body for running, we run the risk of injuries, which can be prevented in the first place. When we sit for long hours at work, our hips become tight, our range of motion at our joints becomes reduced and our body as whole become less elastic. On top of that, running is a single leg jump activity. If we haven't been jumping for a long time, we are definitely not ready for running.

I am often asked what's the best way to recover from an injury. My answer is "Don't get injured in the first place." Many of us love to rush into running without even getting prepared for it. We love quick results but once we get injured, we would not be able to run. We would regress rather than progress hence I always believed in consistent progress through conditioning. However in 2018, I realised we can have the best of both worlds, RunInjuryFree!

We can have accelerated progress but not risk injuries. This is made possible by a combination of great program created by Dr Emily Splichal, coupled with Naboso Technology and PowerPlate. Join me on this day to accelerate your running and never look back again!

Run Injury Free!


29th June 2019, Saturday 2-4pm

137 Cecil Street, Hengda Building, #12-01

Singapore 069537

Jerry Teo

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director (Pilates BodyTree®)
  • Co-Founder & Faculty (BodyTree Academy)
  • Regional Director of Education in Asia (EBFA Global)
  • Fitness Best Asia Pilates Instructor of the year 2018
  • PowerPlate® Certified Master Trainer of the year 2018 (runner-up)
  • Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1, 2, 3
  • BARE® Workout Instructor
  • PowerPlate® Certified Master Trainer
  • PowerPlate® Small Group Master Trainer
  • Rehab Trainer
  • Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries
  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • Certified Sports Massage Therapist
  • Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations (Burrell Education)
  • Women’s Wellness & Whole Body Vibration (Burrell Education)
  • Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certified Teacher
  • Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher
  • Pilates lecturer, Dip Dance, NAFA (2004-2006)

RunInjuryFree! experiences

RunInjuryFree! was different

"Many run clinics focused on running gait, different types of training - tempo, intervals, hills training, etc. RunInjuryFree! workshop was different. It focused on conditioning the body and muscles to bear the great impact of running on hard surfaces, hence the prevention of injuries. Class size was ideal and there were sufficient teacher instructors to assist and correct the form of the participants. Always enjoy Jerry’s workshops who has a good sense of humor to make the workshops enjoyable."

Linda Tan

I will strongly recommend this workshop to all runners

"I will strongly recommend this workshop to all runners who wants to have an injury free run. The workshop is very useful which Jerry has shared with us on the techniques and demo. We got a chance to try out during the session with instructors assisted to correct us with the right techniques. Thank you, Jerry and the team. Keep up with the good work and look forward for more interesting workshops from PBT!"

Nancy Tay

The Instructors were meticulous

"Jerry and the instructors were really helpful in correcting our posture and movements. They patiently guided and encouraged us to progressively push our limits. I like how the instructors were meticulous in observing our movements and clearly explained to us the rationale of carrying out each movement to prevent running injuries."

Matthew Seah